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2022 Pop-Up Dates

Super Special Announcement

Here are all our  POP-UP Vendor Dates for 2022

Let's have another great year end events

  • Sunday       Feb 6 ...   11-3PM   Valentines

  • Saturday    Feb 12 ...  11-3PM   Valentines

  • Sunday      April 9 ...  11-3PM   Easter Pop-up

  • Saturday   April 16 ... 11-3PM   Easter Pop-up

  • Saturday   May 7  .... 10-4PM  Marvelous May Market & Mothers Day Brunch

  • Sunday     May 8  ...  10-4PM  Marvelous May Market & Mothers Day Brunch

  • Saturday    Sept. 10 ....10-4PM  Glastonbury Art Show Pop-up

  • Saturday   Oct 15 ...10 -3PM Apple Harvest Pop-up

  • Sunday     Oct 16 ... 10-3PM Apple Harvest Fest Pop-up

  • Saturday Oct 29 ...  10-3PM  Halloween Pop-up

  • Saturday  Nov 12 ...  10-3PM Harvest Pop-up

  • Small Bus Sat  Nov  26  10-3PM   Small Bus Saturday

  • Sunday Dec 4 ... 10-3PM  Mistletoe Market #1

  • Tues Dec 13 .... 5-8PM  Mistletoe Market Evening Soiree

  • Sunday Dec 18 ... 10-3PM Mistletoe Market #2


We will have a max of 10 fantastic creators setting up on the front lawn at each pop-up. You can sign up for as many of the pop-ups as you want, but PLEASE don't sign up because you "think" you might make it... this is not fair to the other vendors. (Also, you may not be invited back if you do this)


It will look really nice with our booths all set up along Main Street (you mush have a craft tent... lets be cohesive/professional.

You don't have a choice of location. I believe ALL locations are a choice location. it's first come, first served.

Please read below on arrival info AND Social

Media requirements.


 Arrival Instructions 

You can begin to arrive at 8:30 AM.

When you arrive please  park directly in front of the property, unload your car, then immediately move your car (you can also park in the town hall parking lot (DO NOT park at the church!!!)

 DO NOT pull into the driveway. There is no good unloading place there.


As many of you know, getting in and out is a bit tricky as we do not have our own parking lot on the property.

 TEXT ME, Pat at 860-916-0514. Leave your business name and say you are here. We are planning on getting 3-4 vendors unpacked every 15 minutes so there is time for everyone to get set up.

You will be able to unload your car, then I will let you know where you can park so you are not taking up space on the street... We need that space for the attendees

After you park your car, then you can begin to set up your space.

At the end of the day, please get your space packed up and then get your car.


 Social Media 

This is VERY important

For the success of our events, We all are required to do our part to promote these pop-up events. You need to have a FB presence as well as IG. And you need to post and cross promote with the other vendors in the show. I put the list of vendors IG handles below. Please


  • follow them, comment and post on their post

  • go to their account, see a post you like, click on the airplane icon and post their post to your story. Say something nice about the person, the product, the color, anything positive and also mention how they will be joining you at the upcoming event. I have done some of this already on my account. Go to @PatriciaB.DesignPoetry   and check my stories I started to put out today. Notice that I shared a post, I wrote a quick caption and I added the location, and @mention to the maker as well as a mention to @CTRiverValleyInn. If you need help with this let me know.

  • tag their account and also tag @CtRiverValleyInn in all posts so we can be notified that you are cross promoting. I am serious about this. We need to make our event THE event that folks come to when they learn about them.

  • I am putting these events together to have a premier place for you to make new connections with customers and to grow and be successful. I am doing this as a community service and to do my part to support small local makers such as you. Most of you have been invited to be part of this... we all need to do our part.


Let me know  immediately if your handle is wrong or not listed ..

TEXT IT TO ME 860-916-0514

IG Info to be forwarded by text about 2 weeks before the pop-up

Copy and paste these handles ono your  notes app on your phone.

This way you can easily copy and paste them into any post or story for tagging purposes

Also, copy and paste this page


and text it to yourself so you will have a copy of this on your phone for reference on

Sunday May 9... we need a smooth sailing check in, yay!

 Getting  Here 

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