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Mothers Day, May 9, 2021

Set-up, Breakdown, Etc

Super Special Announcement

This MOTHERS DAY EVENT  is also offering a pre-paid lunch.

Along with the lunch we are offering specials for them to spend at the exhibitor booths. If you want to participate. Let me know asap.


Its best to have a "value added" offer as opposed to a discount, but that is up to you. Just those who purchase a lunch will get the special

Let me know by Wednesday,

please YES or NO (so I won't be bugging you!!)

Use this link to tell your email list and Social Media

about the Brunch!!

You can also purchase one if you like. For VENDORS only for $25... you can choose your salad option from the link above... BUT DO NOT USE EVENTBRITE to purchase. If you do you will be paying full price

Instead VENMO your lunch and choice to me @PatriciaB310

We have @ 24 fantastic creators setting up on the front lawn and the rear gardens. I don't think there will be any bad locations to set up. I will have signage and I will be locating the vendors in the front so that attendees will flow to the back gardens as well.


BTW... people ALWAYS want to see the back gardens. They walk by the front of the property and wish they could take a peak at the back. This is their opportunity to do that as well as stop by your space. My booth will be out back.

You don't have a choice of location. I believe ALL locations are a choice location.

Hopefully this will all run smoothly.. Wayne and I have totally recovered from Covid... so we will be here and on our game!!!!!

Please read below on arrival info AND Social

Media requirements.


 Arrival Instructions 

You can begin to arrive at 8:30 AM.

When you arrive please NO NOT park directly in front of the property and DO NOT pull into the driveway.


As many of you know, getting in and out is a bit tricky as we do not have our own parking lot on the property.

Please park in front of the property next to us. When you arrive you need to TEXT ME, Pat at 860-916-0514. Leave your business name and say you are here. We are planning on getting 3-4 vendors unpacked every 15 minutes so there is time for everyone to get set up.

You will be able to unload your car, then I will let you know where you can park so you are not taking up space on the street... We need that space for the attendees

After you park your car, then you can begin to set up your space.

At the end of the day, please get your space packed up and then get your car.


 Social Media 

This is VERY important

We all are required to do our part to promote these pop-up events. You need to have a FB presence as well as IG. And you need to post and cross promote with the other vendors in the show. I put the list of vendors IG handles below. Please



Let me know  immediately if your handle is wrong ..

TEXT IT TO ME 860-916-0514
























Copy and paste these handles ono your  notes app on your phone.

This way you can easily copy and paste them into any post or story for tagging purposes

Also, copy and paste this page


and text it to yourself so you will have a copy of this on your phone for reference on

Sunday May 9... we need a smooth sailing check in, yay!

 A Final Note 

I appreciate all your hard work in being fantastic creators! I also hope that you appreciate the time and talents I am putting forth to use our property as a unique location to attract the right fans of our work and for you to grow your business.

Instead of these events I could book a $5000 event but I choose to use my property to help show the creativity we have here locally and to educate our fans to purchase locally and intentionally.

That's all I have to say... Please, no complaining or thinking I have favorites... everyone is equal here, I do the best I can.. and "the best I can" is all I can do. I am always open to suggestions

Thank you.



 Getting  Here 

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