Practicing Hearing

the voice of God in the Creative Process

Sara Thurman

Date: June 13-17, 2021

Name of Event: 

“Practicing Hearing the Voice of God in the Creative Process"

Medium: Mixed

Level: All

Location: Studio

  Status: Open

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SaraThurman Photo1

SaraThurman Painting1
SaraThurman Painting1

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Day 1  Class Focus

 Setting a Foundation of Hearing God with Reflective Writing and Painting

Practicing hearing God’s voice in the creative process is the heart of what Sara releases to her retreat attendees. The first day will be all about the process of spending time listening to and creating with God as your Guide, not the finished products. Believing deep in our souls that God created us to create is the foundation of this retreat. This retreat is about the "process" of creating not specific painting techniques. Our time together will flow between short teachings, writings using contemplative reflections from Scripture, sharing, painting and intercession times. We will have times of quiet solitude and times of laughter. My prayer is you will experience a fresh awakening and clarity of what God's unique voice sounds like as you practice listening to His guidance in your own creative journey. There is no pressure of performance in this retreat, just playing and taking risks with God as your Guide. In this creative process you will emerge with more focus in your own unique creativity that will transfer into your daily life by the end of this retreat. We will be using acrylic paint as well as watercolor.

Day 2  Class Focus

Embracing the Four Seasons in Our Life Journey

God created the four seasons within nature for us to learn from in our own creative journey. The day will include Scripture, writing, and painting scenes from each season with reflections on our own personal creative journeys in a metaphorical analysis. On this day, we will explore our personal creative seasons in relation to the strengths, challenges, and joys of each season of the year: * Winter--Rest * Spring--New Growth * Summer—Flourish * Fall—Harvest. There will be opportunity for movement around the property to reflect, write, and paint as the day unfolds. An opportunity to paint off-sight at nearby historic locations may present itself. This is where our sketchbooks and watercolors will come in to document our day and set a foundation for future documentations of our journey through the seasons of life.

Day 3 Class Focus

Activating Your Five Senses in Your Creative Journey

This day we will be exploring each of our God-given five senses in relation to how it affects our artistic practice and our relationship with our Creator. God made our five senses to learn who He is in greater depths. We each have our dominant senses but during this session we will practice to increase our sensitivity to our more subtle senses. Time will be spent at sensory stations to activate our senses in * Hearing God * Seeing God * Feeling God's Presence * Smelling His Fragrance * Tasting His Goodness. Depending on the weather, a nature walk with time to sketch and journal to record what we observe will be part of the afternoon session. By exploring our five senses while sitting with God, participants will increase their awareness of the

 intricacies of God's creation. This experience will activate new creative awareness in our artistic journeys. The choices of both acrylic medium and watercolor will be used in this retreat. Journals will be provided for sketches on our excursions and exploration times in nature on the property.

Day 4 Class Focus

Anchoring Your Own Unique Your Creative Journey

Using all of our experiences of the previous three days of creating, we will chose a piece of our original work to digitally create a product that we can take home to use. This retreat center is equipped to give you a choice of your own work to be put on a mug or other useful products. We will celebrate on the final day all that we have learned in a final circle time. This day will include a Circle of Blessing time where prayer and blessings will be spoken over each participant. It is sure to be a rich, rewarding and enjoyable time of creating in a safe place with new friends who will quickly become long lasting friends. The setting of this beautiful inn on the Connecticut River will allow for you to hear God in refreshing ways that will propel you to your next stages of creativity. We can’t wait for you to join us for this week of renewed joy and pleasure in the creative process you were made to embrace.



Sara is known for the joy she carries in whatever she is doing, which happens to include gardening in her backyard, taking daily walks with her red toy poodle, Selah and experiencing adventures to the ends of the earth. Now in her early 60's, she is a growing as an artist, author, educator and mentor of hearing God's voice. Recently she has been told that she flunked retirement. Sara worked in Texas public schools in the roles of teacher and principal in the elementary, middle school and administrative levels. She received her Doctorate of Education in K-12 School Leadership and retired after a successful 24-year career.

She lives in Wimberley, Texas where she paints in her late husband’s workshop, now her amazing art studio and retreat classroom. She writes, teaches, and mentors in a private on-line community called the Inner Circle of Small Beginnings with Sara. She has two sons, a stepson, three daughters-in-love and four grandchildren. Small Beginnings: A Journey to the Impossible is her first published book (released June 2019) about her journey of becoming an artist after believing for 56 years she was not an artist. She shares testimonies of how her art speaks about the love of Jesus and her own personal goal setting examples for those searching for small business advisors and artist mentoring programs. Sara has been practicing her calling of becoming an artist for God since she heard God's calling in October 2014. In November 2020, she released the Companion Prayer Journal to Small Beginnings. She is currently writing a book on grief and writing and illustrating her first children’s book entitled, How Good Can God Be? Her first season of Small Beginnings with Sara podcast is available on all podcasting platforms where she interviews others who are starting their own small beginnings and shares her life lessons.

She has painted and sold over 1300 paintings since that call of becoming an artist. Sara had never considered herself an artist, in fact had never taken an art class before God told her who she was. Teaching classes about hearing God's voice and holding retreats to help others hear God's voice in the creative process is now one of her life's purposes. She travels to other countries to teach and release the belief that we are all created to create. Sara has a heart of encouragement and intercession to release hope and light and love of Jesus to others. She also paints as part of the Bethel Austin Prophetic Art Team. Sara and her late husband, Wayman started an art ministry called Acts 1:8 Blessings in early 2017. Much of the profits go towards helping make the name of Jesus famous all over the world to missionaries and those in need in their own community and beyond. Sara lives to encourage and tell others about the goodness of God through creativity.

Materials Fee:

Materials fee  of $75 will include all journals, pens, watercolor, acrylic paints and canvases supplies

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Reserve your Spot with Sara    $1950

When you click the reservation button you will have the option to make a minimum deposit of $650,

to pay 50%

or to save $100 by paying in full


Sample   Agenda **


for Artists Rising Creativity Retreat:

5 Days and 4 Nights

Arrival day, check in at 3pm
5pm: meet your fellow students reception with light dinner


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking  in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9 - noon (breakfast included)

Excursion to one of the 169 small towns in Connecticut for touring and lunch and a visit to one of the gardens designed by historic landscape designer, Beatrix Farrand, among the first women to practice landscape architecture in the United States. “A garden, large or small, must be treated in the Impressionist manner,” she once wrote. “Plants are to the gardener what her palette is to the painter.”
Farewell Dinner together in Glastonbury 

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Studio work in the morning, sketching and watercolor on location (breakfast & light lunch included)

Checkout by 1PM


Lots of food, fun, comradery, relaxation, re-winding, Art Studio available 24/7

You can also add an extra day before or after the retreat dates (upon availability)

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Weather Permitting throughout the week... biking, kayaking or paddle boarding or river excursion, leaf peeping in the Autumn


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