The Vibrant & Colorful Painter

Donna Downey

Date: Oct. 9 - Oct 13, 2022

Name of Event: 

“The Vibrant & Colorful Painter"

Medium: Acrylics

Level: All

Location: Studio

  Status: Open

IG: DonnaDowneyArt

FACEBOOK: DonnaDowneyArtist

Website: DonnaDowney

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Rates & Enrollment

Deposit is $450, balance due 30 days before arrival

Day Student Tuition: $895 +  Materials fee

 5-Day Package*: $1,950 - 2,250* + 11% Tax

* Your 5-Day Workshop Package includes:

Workshop Tuition, 4 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily snack breaks, unlimited coffee, tea & seltzer plus welcoming  reception with light appetizers.

You can choose a room to yourself (single occupancy) or double your fun, bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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Flowers! Honestly when I paint flowers I feel empowered. They can be any shape, size, color,
abstract or simple. However, the true magic of painting flowers happens when the artist
embraces the simple techniques I will share with you in this course.

Like abstract art, I believe we emote as floral painters by the brush marks and the intensity of
color we leave on the canvas. I will teach you how to make the painted marks emerge as bold
blooms, the layered strokes become simplified petals and the apply color to create vibrations of
energy that reach beyond the surface and differentiate your work from the ordinary.
I will guide you to paint freer and more confidently as color, composition and form transform into fluid movement across your canvas.

Artist Bio

I consider myself to be on a creative journey that continues to surprise me every time I step in front of my canvas. My paintings continue to evolve in style and technique, but one thing stays constant: I am in love with painting the human figure.  I use unfinished lines and painterly strokes to express the emotional vulnerability of human existence in everyday life. The impermanence and fragility of life is the essential focus of my work.

I love to experiment with either a monochromatic palette or an explosion of vibrant colors, depending on my mood.  The process of applying paint to canvas is an emotional experience for me and I even find it a bit sexy.  Exploring the use of shadow and light as a push and pull of interest for the viewer is a constant theme in my art.  I often start each painting with a simple concept or idea in mind then I start placing color throughout the canvas, letting the colors intuitively reveal the composition.  The paintings develop in response to the energy created between myself and the paint.  I use painting as a meditation and I deeply enjoy the never ending challenge to evoke a particular mood or emotion for the viewer. 

Supply List

Suggested Supplies:
● Heavy Body Acrylic paints (any and all colors welcome!!)
Here is a list of some of my favorite colors, but honestly all colors are good!
Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Diarylide Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Phthalo Green
Yellow Shade, Green Gold, Ultramarine Blue Light, Paynes Grey, Prussian Blue,
Permanent Violet, Dioxazine Purple, Titanium white

● Two 16x20 canvases
● 2-4 smaller surfaces: these could be in an art journal, smaller canvases, paper, etc. this
is where we will practice and explore color.
● Variety of brushes (whatever you have on hand)
● Fun Non-traditional painting tools to try. (ie. Key cards, palette knives, catalyst wedge,
● Sta-Wet Palette
● Extra heavy gel medium (Optional.  I like to use this to thicken my acrylics)
● Open Medium (Optional.  I like to use this to extend the drying time of my acrylics)
● Palette or palette pad
● Brush bucket
● Palette knife
● Baby wipes and paper towels

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Sample   Agenda **


for Artists Rising Creativity Retreat:

5 Days and 4 Nights

Arrival day, check in at 3pm
5pm: meet your fellow students reception with light dinner


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking  in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9 - noon (breakfast included)

Excursion to one of the 169 small towns in Connecticut for touring and lunch and a visit to one of the gardens designed by historic landscape designer, Beatrix Farrand, among the first women to practice landscape architecture in the United States. “A garden, large or small, must be treated in the Impressionist manner,” she once wrote. “Plants are to the gardener what her palette is to the painter.”
Farewell Dinner together in Glastonbury 

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Studio work in the morning, sketching and watercolor on location (breakfast & light lunch included)

Checkout by 1PM


Lots of food, fun, comradery, relaxation, re-winding, Art Studio available 24/7

You can also add an extra day before or after the retreat dates (upon availability)

Other: A complete schedule will be posted as your retreat date nears!

This will be posted in the private Facebook Group which you will be invited to join once you register.

Weather Permitting throughout the week... biking, kayaking or paddle boarding or river excursion, leaf peeping in the Autumn


You will receive an email confirmation and, as time gets closer, more email full of info and goodies.

Here is the payment schedule:

$450 deposit is due at the time of registration. 

Remaining balance is due 30 days before your retreat start date

Pay in Full at time of registration and save $100

Please read our full cancellation policy HERE

** Please note that the Sample Agenda is a sample, meaning exact dates, times or activities can be changed based on weather, scheduling or desires of the group and size of the group.