Learn to  Paint with Confidence

Date: Oct 2- Oct 6, 2022

Title:  Learn to Paint with Confidence

Medium: All

Level: All

Location: Studio

  Status: Open

FB: artbychristinecamilleri

Website: Christine Camilleri

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Christine Camilleri, AFCA, MPAC EP, IAPS M/C

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Deposit is $450, balance due 30 days before arrival

Day Student Tuition: $895 +  Materials fee

 5-Day Package*: $1,950 - 2,250* + 11%Tax

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Workshop Tuition, 4 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily snack breaks, unlimited coffee, tea & seltzer plus welcoming  reception with light appetizers. 

You can choose a room to yourself (single occupancy) or double your fun, bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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Imagine a beautiful painting with gestures of color and light; a painting that expresses your power as an artist with clarity and statement.


Most artists are hesitant to explore the concepts of color and light in their paintings and so they risk having a flat, uninteresting, timid work that they are disappointed in without understanding why.


This course will take you and your work to a new level no matter where you are starting from.  You will learn about concepts you have heard about but have not been able to put into your paintings — until now.

Things like:

  • how do I bring bolder color into my work?

  • how do I design and create with confidence?

  • how do I fill my paintings with eye-catching light? 

  • how do I paint with gestures that are energetic and loose?

  • how can I use dramatic lighting to best effect?

  • how do I learn to see with an artist’s eye?

  • how can I prevent my painting from going sideways before it’s too late?

  • how do I know when my painting is finished?

  • and so much more.

Please join me on a journey filled with joy and growing confidence as I share with you my love of art. 

UART Tutorial “How to Paint Skyscapes”:  https://www.uartpastelpaper.com/uart-tip-28/

Artist Bio

Christine Camilleri,  AFCA, MPAC EP, IAPS M/C,  is a member and Signature artist with several art associations (Oil Painters of America, Pastel Society of America, Pastel Artists Canada, Federation of Canadian Artists) and has won multiple awards over her professional career. She has been featured in several publications including Pastel Journal, “Artists to Watch, 10 Painters Who Captured Our Attention in 2016”. She has had her paintings selected for calendars and books and has exhibited in the Vose Gallery in Boston and the Salmagundi Gallery in New York City. Her bold use of color was noticed by Gamblin who selected her painting “Summer Pastures” for a full page ad in an art magazine to sponsor their oil paints. She has served as a juror and is a sought after instructor because of her innate sense of simplifying the painting process from beginner to advanced artists. She works in oils, acrylics and pastels. 

Supply List

Medium of your choice: watercolor, acrylics, pastels or oils. Bring all of your paints/pastels, brushes, mediums and as part of your kit bring along those colors you NEVER use. For example:  fuschias, peacock blues, coral, purple, acid yellows! (we all have them!) If you are using oils please be kind to your colleagues and use OMS (odor free solvent).


Three supports of your choice for the exercises (canvas, canvas paper, pastel paper, watercolor paper — whatever you normally use) Size can be a 9 X 12, 12 X 16, 16 X 20. I encourage you to go small as it’s much easier to work with when learning concepts.


1. Conté stick (conté stick is preferable to a pastel pencil) black or brown


2.Color Wheel (the one I use is The Artists Color Wheel) also available for purchase $4.00


3. Gray Scale and Value Finder — a very useful tool


4. Graphix Clear Lay Red transparency sheet (9X12) (I will bring a limited number of these for purchase:  $3.00 per sheet)


5. Sketch book or newsprint (the larger the better)


6. Note paper and pen


You will have plenty of time to work on your own paintings in the afternoons so bring your easel, paints, canvas, pastel papers, acrylic canvas etc. You may wish to work on one or do several each day (this is your chance to learn — not necessarily produce a masterpiece!)


Photo References

Bring along several of different subjects. We will be using these in the class discussions and you can use them for your own painting subjects in the afternoon.


Please make sure your photo references are SIMPLE with strong shapes and clear light and dark patterns.


Print them in black and white or photocopy them so they show only black and white (and grays).


Sample   Agenda **


for Artists Rising Creativity Retreat:

5 Days and 4 Nights

Arrival day, check in at 3pm
5pm: meet your fellow students reception with light dinner


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking  in the morning
Workshop from 9-4 (breakfast & lunch included)

Art Studio available 24/7


Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Workshop from 9 - noon (breakfast included)

Excursion to one of the 169 small towns in Connecticut for touring and lunch and a visit to one of the gardens designed by historic landscape designer, Beatrix Farrand, among the first women to practice landscape architecture in the United States. “A garden, large or small, must be treated in the Impressionist manner,” she once wrote. “Plants are to the gardener what her palette is to the painter.”
Farewell Dinner together in Glastonbury 

Art Studio available 24/7

Optional yoga, walking, biking in the morning
Studio work in the morning, sketching and watercolor on location (breakfast & light lunch included)

Checkout by 1PM


Lots of food, fun, comradery, relaxation, re-winding, Art Studio available 24/7

You can also add an extra day before or after the retreat dates (upon availability)

Other: A complete schedule will be posted as your retreat date nears!

This will be posted in the private Facebook Group which you will be invited to join once you register.

Weather Permitting throughout the week... biking, kayaking or paddle boarding or river excursion, leaf peeping in the Autumn


You will receive an email confirmation and, as time gets closer, more email full of info and goodies.

Here is the payment schedule:

$450 deposit is due at the time of registration. 

Remaining balance is due 30 days before your retreat start date

Pay in Full at time of registration and save $100

Please read our full cancellation policy HERE

** Please note that the Sample Agenda is a sample, meaning exact dates, times or activities can be changed based on weather, scheduling or desires of the group and size of the group.